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Travels between femininity and masculinity

By Chybicka Aneta, Kosakowska-Berezecka Natasza, Pawlicka Paulina

1st Edition, Cracow 2012, B5 format, 286 pages, paperback.

ISBN: 978-83-7587-887-5

The book, edited by Aneta Chybicki, Natasza Kosakowska - Berezeckiej and Paulina Pawlicka, "Travels between femininity and masculinity. A woman on the road" is a kaleidoscope of wonderful essays and comparative studies. In the three chapters, the authors successively present the research on gender and culture stereotypes in various areas of life (such as foster families, in the context of economic prosperity, etc.), followed by the study of gender stereotypes at work, and concluded with extremely interesting travel essays.

I highly recommend this book for those of readers fascinated with the influence of cultural diversity on the perception of the world, but also for the ones that notice the socially substantial problem of gender stereotypes concerning the role of women and men at work, as well as in everyday and family life. I encourage to read the book, written with gusto and rich in the substantive and synoptic layers. The goal of the composition and publication is to show the cross-gender differences in various areas of our lives: at work and in the family, in emigration and in politics. The strong intercultural weft enhances the belletristically interesting whole.

From the review of Gdansk University professor, Hanna Brycz, PhD.

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The Psychology of Group Creativity.How to moderate creative and task teams.

By Chybicka Aneta

1st Edition, Cracow 2006, B5 format, 242 pages, available as an e-book: http://e-book.impulsoficyna.pl

ISBN: 978-83-7308-710-1

It is a practical book, intended for those who wish to self-develop creative thinking and make their first steps in the role of trainers and creative thinking workshop moderators. This publication will be especially beneficial to business coaches, managers at various levels (e.g. book describes techniques of efficient conducting group meetings and of inspiring team members to creative activities), HR staff, students of social sciences, as well as those working in schools.

The book is divided into four thematic sections. The first part deals with the creative theories (e.g. psychology of creativity, creativity researching concepts), the next part is to introduce the reader in creative preparations (for example, to solve problems, develop ideas). In the third part, which introduces the creative organization, you will find many practical guidelines for various concepts, including creativity in practice, the selection and recruitment of creative people, a diagnosis of open-mindedness, motivating to inventive thinking, brainstorming, total incompetence, or the usage of mixed techniques. The last chapter – creative training – describes the efficiency of creativity trainings and contains an outline of a training in creative thinking techniques.

In an extensive appendix, the reader will find 35 slides on the techniques of creative thinking and problem solving.

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A Woman in Culture – The Culture in a Woman.Interdisciplinary Studies.

By Chybicka Aneta, Kaźmierczak Maria

1st Edition, Cracow 2006, B5 format, 580 pages.

ISBN: 978-83-7308-753-8

This publication is an attempt to answer a question what in the gender psychology is cultural, social, and what is innate? On the other hand, the book is a collection of works related to the changing stereotypes of sex and gender. The manual uses the perspective of multidimensional analysis of female and male life experiences, also in the cultural context. It was assumed that femininity and masculinity are developed in the society, due to it and sometimes through defeating social or cultural barriers. Therefore the reader will find in this book academic texts on the issue of gender in the area of both work and family life, but also in the perspective of health or general functioning of women and men in the society.

The book is composed of two parts, with the first dealing with femininity and masculinity in the cross-cultural standpoint, which is looked at in particular publications by professionals from various fields of interest. The second part is devoted to the dimension of masculinity – femininity from the perspective of social psychology, but also includes the analysis of problems faced by women in the Polish reality. Articles collected here are multifaceted in its description of the specificity of functioning of women in Poland; starting with the family life, through vocational, intimate problems to the issues related to health.

It can be used as a reading material during classes with the students of philosophy, sociology, history, psychology, pedagogical or cultural studies, but also by the academics that conduct classes on gender issues.

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Appreciating diversity – cultural and gender issues

By Chybicka Aneta, Kaźmierczak Maria

1st edition, Cracow, 2007, B5 format, 320 pages.

ISBN: 978-83-7308-888-7

This book is present with the aim if concentrating on the variety of human existence In two aspects: culture and gender – on human needs, relations and the values of they profess. People the whole world over are connected by some universal elements regardless of the culture they were born in and the society they live in. The beauty of human nature lies in the fact that it is still not entirely discovered. Of course, the individuals living in one culture or one society become similar to a certain extent as a result of the constant influence of social impact, for instance displaying a similar code of values, professing a certain religion. On the other hand, however, they remain individuals who make various choices and present different attitudes with their own history of life experience, with certain plans or goals in their lives. This is exactly what this book is about – about the pancultural and cultural diversity of the human being, mainly considering gender as the leitmotif of the conducted analysis.

One should ask: how this diversity is perceived by psychology as science?

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Appreciating diversity – gender and cultural issues

By Chybicka Aneta, Kaźmierczak Maria

1st edition, Cracow, 2008, B5 format, 428 pages.

ISBN: 978-83-7308-901-3

This is the second volume of a two volumes series on cultural and gender issues. While the first volume concentrated mainly on the different manifestations of cultural encounters (e.g. acculturation processes of immigrants and cultural differences in close interpersonal relationships) this book places gender issues into the focus in an exciting and original way. Are there, in fact, gender differences or they are the result of perceptional illusion or social construction? How somebody is perceived who does not behave according to the stereotypical expectations of her/his gender? Is there a third gender? How Arabic men living in Poland construct their masculinity? Does smiling have any effect on attraction in Internet relationships in different cultures? Do Polish young adults differ from Spanish in terms of their estimation of physical attractiveness? Are men and women different in their social convictions? What kind of male gender role expectations are there in close relationships in Egypt, Germany and Poland? Arc cultures different in terms of violence against women? Are there specific cultural factors contributing to violence against women in Poland? Does being sexually abused make a difference between women going through a personal crisis?

The answers can be found in the 16 chapters written mainly by Polish authors showing the colourful variety and high quality of work done in the crossroad of gender and culture in Poland. Therefore together with the previous volume this book is a must and a valuable learning material for those who are interested in cultural and gender issues both for personal and professional reasons.

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Between sex and gender – theories, research, applications.

By Chybicka Aneta, Kosakowska-Berezecka Natasza

1st Edition, Cracow, 2010, B5 format, 222 pages

ISBN: 978-83-7587-245-3

This book refers to the phenomena associated with gender differences and similarities, asks about their scope and importance, origins and consequences. The purpose of this publication is to highlight the existence of important connections between science and practice - research in gender psychology are not only for art’s sake, but are intended to include analysis of certain social phenomena and various aspects of human behavior and its explanation (for example, by examining the content of gender stereotypes present in the culture and the origins of their creation). The results of academic research can have a specific impact on the quality of human life, including explaining the reasons for such phenomena as the so-called leaky pipe, which relates women who slow down their work or even abandon their profession (e.g. as a result of giving birth), and can be efficiently used to build an effective social campaigns such as increasing employability of women after long-term stay outside the labor market. The book presents articles selected to present a specific social problem related to issues of gender psychology and describe the way in which the presented academic studies can contribute to its solution.

The book is created out of three parts, and each of them is concerned with a slightly different aspect of femininity and masculinity. The first one is devoted to, among other, the reports “from battlefield of research” on stereotypes, starting with the analysis of content and structure of the stereotype of a polish man and woman, and concluding with the comparison of cognitive and social functioning of both sexes, but it also summarizes the results of current research on gender differences, and describes the consequences of their existence. In the second part, the reader has the opportunity to see an overview of various issues that are related to the quality of the relationship between the partners that remain intimate.

The last part, however, co-edited with Paulina Petrus, PhD, is concerned with specific examples of transforming studies into activities aimed at enhancing the quality of the functioning of men and women: creating successful campaigns for equality, social movements or the implementation of projects aimed at the development of women's entrepreneurship in developing countries.

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CULTURE & GENDER: An Intimate Relation

By Chybicka Aneta (Editor), Kwiatkowska Anna (Editor), Safdar Saba F. (Editor)

1st edition, Gdansk, 2010, B5 format, 280 pages.

ISBN: 978-83-7489-233-9

An outstanding collaborative work by renowned foreign and Polish experts, which include Anna Kwiatkowska, F. Saba Safdar, J. Rees Lewis, Chybicka Aneta, Beata Pastwa-Wojciechowska, Maria Kazmierczak, and many others. The authors raise a number of interesting issues in the area of ​​psychology with an emphasis on socio-cultural gender. They include such themes as the cross-cultural adaptation, ethnicity, gender and religion influence on the perception of pain, a sense of self-identity in a multicultural environment, and gender roles conversion in the post-war Kosovo. There are also discussed such significant matters as the role of gender in the socio-cultural aspect of romantic relationships or transformations related to the approach to fertility in the context of cultural change. The authors also do not forget about males, describing the life plans of men of different sexual orientation, with a socio-cultural and - in the context of the literature - the paradigm of masculinity in the early novels of Haruki Murakami.

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Femininity in the face of change - interdisciplinary studies

By Chybicka Aneta, Pastwa–Wojciechowska Beata

Available as an e-book, 1st edition, Cracow, 2009, 254 pages.

ISBN: 978-83-7587-069-5

Topics related to gender has always aroused a lot of interest - in the past, belonging to a particular sex often became the basis for valuation, as exemplified by the evolutionary approach based on the concept of Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin. Today, similar considerations give rise to only a smile.

The development of knowledge and changing social roles of men and women functioning helped change the historical views on the membership in a particular gender. The evidence of progress in this area is the introduction to the academic language of the concept of “gender,” which highlights the social differences, and is distinguished from biologically defined sexes.

The presented publication is interdisciplinary – it analyzes gender issues from different perspectives: psychological, penitentiary, sociological, and religious. The publication describes the themes of gender psychology is intended to be an objective, fair and equitable work, based on scientific research and qualitative and quantitative in-depth analysis of the available literature. This approach provides impartial analysis of the subject and helps in multi-faceted understanding of the multi-threaded, fascinating, exciting, and often difficult issue.

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Open Mind Creates

By Chybicka Aneta

1st edition, Gdansk, 2004, 166 pages.

ISBN: 83-7326-225-3

The book "Open Mind Creates" describes an interactive approach to the creative process, and includes its personality and situational determinants. The author makes a vital discovery that it is much easier to block people, rather than open them up, much easier to diminish situational creative potential than increase it. Thus, how incredibly important messages to the practice, to the multitude of teachers and trainers can be reached from this assumption!

The author runs a number of detailed discussions, worth learning both by those who have at heart the explanation, and those that support practical action - towards the development of creative customers, students, managers.

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