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We develop coaching programs for managerial staff in various institutions and conduct coaching sessions for private customers. We work on the bases of employees’ resources; support them in establishing and achieving ambitious goals.

Benefits for individual clients enrolled in the coaching program

  • Accomplishing an analysis of their own career – creating individual development maps (in the whole time perspective – past – present – future), that will include their personal plans.
  • Improvement of specific competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) required for proper operations in the current state of career development
  • Application of personal and unique methods of increasing self-efficacy and protection from the harmful effects of mental workload and stress.
  • Identifying professional areas in which developing certain competencies can be useful in further professional and personal development.
  • Monitoring the progress of their own professional development. 

Benefits for institutions

  • Increasing effectiveness of organizations due to activating the potential of employees involved in the coaching process.
  • The implementation of the strategic objectives of the organization, through the achievement of the ambitious long-term goals by its employees.
  • Increased identification of the employees with the mission and vision of the company
  • Improving the quality of relationships between employees.
  • Developing an organizational culture in which an important element is the development of employees.