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Event offer

Field workshops

Workshops for Companies are realized all over the country and in all conditions. Every time we prepare a draft for specific needs of the customer. We pay the biggest attention to the atmosphere, an interesting scenario, and varied attractions: quads, jeeps, climbing activities, paintball, hovercrafts, etc. The guarantors of a successful event are positive emotions that are provided by our coaches and a scenario that engages the whole team in action.

Urban Games

Urban game takes place en route to the famous and interesting places in the selected city. In addition to overcoming this route - make a full lap and visit marked on the map points - the participants are presented with several tasks to be performed during their walk. The game is a great interlude during fixed business meetings, integration trips, and conferences. It can be implemented in the form of integration, or expanded to work on the values, the mission of the company, etc.

Eco Events

Caring for the environment brings the only benefits, and therefore actions in accordance with social responsibility so readily fit into the strategies of many companies.

Eco Events promote living in harmony with the surrounding nature, and promote environmental education of employees. We have developed a number of green games scenarios that coordinate with the communing with nature without disturbing its natural balance. Eco Events are held in facilities that care of the environment, which provide a healthy and natural food based on natural ingredients and local products.

Themed evening events

Such evenings require adequate room arrangements, special stage, a professional animation team, and a great script. For one evening a standard club room or restaurant can turn into a secret casino, dark dungeons of hell or a cafeteria straight from Bareja movies. We have lots of ideas!

Picnics, outdoor events

In arranging such events, we focus on the details. We provide original screenplay and attractions. Organization of special events and outdoor events require safety, comfort and good advertising of the project.

Galas, anniversaries, conferences

Professional organization of galas, banquets or anniversaries is a great way to raise the profile of the ceremony and link it with the essential values ​​of the company.