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Integration events

We organize integration events in order to build relationship and willingness to cooperate among employees. The unique character of the classes is created by creative work, interactive form, spending time outdoors, communing with nature (in the case of outdoor classes), and the direct experience of specific situations by engaging in completing tasks.

Classes are dynamic and connected with development activity which carry the knowledge for particular participants and the benefits for the company.

During the events, the participants have the possibility to acquire and develop unique skills due to practicing the sense of direction with the use of compass and maps, try their hands in fitness tasks, or create a collaborative work of art which is a unique souvenir.

During our events we provide the participants with good time that also gives the opportunity to develop competence in a light and creative way.

Benefits for the organization

  • Building partnerships between employees - creating integrated teams
  • Developing positive and lasting relationships between employees
  • Encourage creative thinking of employees and increase the level of innovation in the organization
  • Improving communication processes within the organization
  • Building a sense of loyalty and identification with the company
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for the success of the organization
  • Minimizing the risk of interpersonal conflict
  • Creating the image of an employee friendly organization
  • Strengthen the role of the leaders in the team

Benefits for Participants

  • Building positive relationships with co-workers
  • Experience relaxation and fun
  • The development of cognitive competencies such as analytical thinking, strategic perception, and decision making skills
  • The ability to discover their strengths and areas for improvement
  • Overcoming their limitations and the development of target-oriented thinking
  • Acquisition of the ability to seek new, custom solutions in problematic situations
  • Develop skills to deal with conflicts and pressure of time
  • Increase the commitment and motivation to work