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Instytut Miasta was founded in 2005 by Aneta Chybicka, PhD, a research fellow in The Institute of Psychology at Gdansk University. What differentiates us from other coaching companies are our extensive knowledge of multicultural psychology and creativity, which we emphasize through our artistic approach to work and openness to different cultures and environments. 

Caring about the high didactic quality of our services, openness to the customers’ needs, and working with passion have become our roads to success. We build lasting and attentive bonds with companies mainly by the means of mutual trust and focusing on the development of the employees. Due to our creative approach to challenges and long-term experience, we provide solutions and support in even the most unusual situations. 

We combine sound psychological knowledge and rich business experience with the concern for human welfare.

We work responsibly and passionately.


Aneta Chybicka, PhD

Content Director / Trainer / Consultant / Coach


Katarzyna Poszewiecka

Trainer / Consultant / Project Coordinator


Ina Markiewicz



Urszula Gościcka

Trainer / Consultant / Coach


Natasza Kosakowska, PhD

Trainer / Consultant / Coach


Aneta Marczak

Trainer / Consultant / Coach


Paulina Pawlicka, PhD

Trainer / Consultant


Monika Pujszo

Trainer / Consultant / Coach


Magdalena Szostak

Trainer / Consultant / Coach


Beata Warmińska

Trainer / Consultant


Anna Wiącek

Trainer / Consultant


Hanna Wilczyńska - Toczko

Trainer / Consultant